B.D.’s Story

February 18th, 2010

A fall in front of a city housing project disrupted a young woman’s life, but Hill & Moin LLP helped get it back on track.

Britney, 22, fell three years ago on a defective sidewalk in front of a housing project in Brooklyn. She stubbed her shoe toe on a raised part of the sidewalk and fell, hurting her hand and knee. Unable to walk, she used her cell phone to call her stepfather, who took her to the hospital. The fall had torn a ligament in Britney’s knee, requiring surgery. She was no longer able to play basketball, one of her passions in life.

A family friend referred Britney to Hill & Moin LLP where she found a team of attorneys and staff looking out for her interests. She said about the firm, “I love it. It’s very [much] like family. Everybody remembers your name.”

Hill & Moin LLP’s investigation revealed that the New York City Housing Authority was responsible for maintaining the sidewalk. Lawsuits against the city and the housing authority present unique obstacles, but Hill & Moin LLP cleared those obstacles with ease. The attorneys gathered evidence of the agency’s negligence and won Britney a $225,000 settlement to compensate her for medical bills, lost wages, and pain.

Britney was in constant pain after the fall and had a hard time getting around. Physical therapy helped, but she could not continue her full-time work as a grocery store cashier. She worked part-time when she could, but she eventually had to find a sedentary job. She now works in security at a home for the mentally ill.

Britney is ecstatic with her settlement, which will come in handy when she starts college coursework. Her knee still hurts, so she does therapy exercises at home to try to ameliorate the pain.

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