Dr. Diane Lombardy’s Story

June 25th, 2010

Hill & Moin LLP helped this ER doctor get through her own emergency.

Diane Lombardy, an emergency room doctor and pediatrician from Great Neck, NY, fell shortly after her 56th birthday as a result of bad lighting conditions at the home of an acquaintance. Dr. Lombardy picked her daughter up from a play date in New Hyde Park around 11:30 p.m. one night. As Dr. Lombardy walked down the stairs outside the home, she could not see because there was no exterior light, and the only source of light, coming from inside the home, was cut off once the front door was closed. She missed a step, fell, and broke her nose, wrists, elbow, and knee and sustained a gash across her forehead, which required stitches. The doctor who was used to treating others found herself in the emergency room, facing the possibility of knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Lombardy entrusted her case to the care of the attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP. They obtained a six-figure settlement to compensate her for her injuries, and Dr. Lombardy said she is thrilled with the results: “I was very impressed with how thorough the investigation was[,] how the case went and how professional it was. It was really out of my hands.” Dr. Lombardy said she trusted the attorneys’ ability to handle her case in the best way possible, allowing her to relax. “I felt as if I could sit on the back burner, and I felt comfortable there.”

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