L.R.’s Story

February 12th, 2010

She tripped because of an electric company’s negligence, and Hill & Moin LLP forced them to pay.

L.R., a 73-year-old Colombian born woman, fell while walking near her apartment on the Upper West Side in October 2004. She broke her right hip, and, while she was in the hospital, one of her family members suggested she contact Hill & Moin LLP about her injury. L.R. took the advice and is glad she did.

Hill & Moin LLP looked after L.R.’s legal interests as she dealt with the pain and expense of her fall. L.R. underwent surgery and spent several weeks in the hospital and at a nursing home because she was immobilized. She eventually moved in with her daughter and granddaughter in the Bronx. She now uses a cane to get around, but she still is in intense pain and has trouble keeping her balance.

As L.R. dealt with her injury, Hill & Moin LLP investigated her fall and found it was caused by ConEd leaving an unsafe obstruction on the sidewalk while they worked on a nearby building. The attorneys obtained several court decisions in L.R.’s favor throughout the lawsuit. L.R. had prior physical problems that the opposing party could have used to try to blame her for the fall, but Hill & Moin LLP still was able to secure a large recovery for her. They forced the utility to pay $500,000.

L.R. is happy with the way Hill & Moin LLP handled her case, saying the firm is “fantastic.” She went to the firm’s office to pick up her settlement check and hugged the partners. Her daughter was with her and showed her gratitude to the partners when she said, “Thank you for helping my mother.”

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