Myra Heller’s Story

June 14th, 2010

An active senior and her husband were devastated by a fall, but Hill & Moin LLP got them compensation.

Myra Heller was an active 82-year-old woman when a sidewalk defect caused her to fall. She was entering the Long Island Railroad Station near Penn Station, planning to go to an art show at the Nassau County Museum with a friend, when she tripped over a depression in the sidewalk, about an inch and a half deep. The fall broke her shoulder, but she managed to go into the station to get help from the Long Island Railroad police. The fall required shoulder replacement surgery, and she ended up spending more than four weeks in the hospital, where she contracted a staph infection; Myra is permanently disabled from her injury.

Myra was unable to continue folk-dancing once a week or continue volunteering as a greeter for student groups at the Museum of Modern Art. Jack Heller, Myra’s husband of nearly 65 years, was in the hospital at the time of her fall. Once out of the hospital but still in a weak condition, he had to try to do the household chores that Myra had always done. He lamented that he didn’t cook as well as Myra.

The fall was devastating for Myra and Jack. But Hill & Moin LLP was there from the time Myra was in the hospital to help her and Jack deal with the difficulties of her fall and get compensation for Myra’s pain and medical bills and the couple’s loss of quality of life. Hill & Moin LLP brought a suit on behalf of both Myra and Jack against the entity responsible for maintaining the sidewalk. After litigating aggressively on behalf of their clients, the firm successfully settled the case for $300,000, and Myra said happily they she was “very satisfied and liked [her] lawyers very much.”

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