Tamara Ignatova’s Story

May 13th, 2010

Hill & Moin LLP gets compensation for a Russian speaker involved in a car accident.

Tamara Ignatova, 61, a Brooklyn resident originally from Russia, was in a traumatic car accident about two and a half years ago. She was riding with a friend on her way to work as a home health aide when a speeding vehicle plowed into them. The car was totaled, and Ms. Ignatova sustained a concussion, fractured ribs, a broken collar bone, and herniated discs in addition to hurting her right ankle, hip, and shoulder. She spent several days in the hospital. When she was released, she was unable to work and was physically dependent on her daughter who was forced to move in with her. Ms. Ignatova began looking for legal help, and was fortunate enough to find Hill & Moin LLP. “It is very good that you have a Russian speaker in the office,” said Ms. Ignatova, who speaks very little English, by way of a translator. She is still in terrible pain from the accident, but she is happy that the attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP worked quickly to help her recover the six-figure settlement that she deserved.

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