$150,000 Settlement for a Slip and Fall at NYCHA Building

June 29th, 2018

New York Staircase Accident Lawyers

Who could have imagined that when A.J went to help a sick friend on Christmas Eve, she would end up being patient after falling down a staircase in a New York City Housing Authority building. She fractured her ankle and knew she needed the support of accomplished lawyers who could battle with the municipal lawyers. She therefore, reached out to Hill & Moin, LLP.

The first meeting with the attorneys and staff of Hill & Moin, LLP left A.J full of hope for a potential recovery. Typically, litigation with New York City agencies and entities is prolonged, but the attorneys at Hill & Moin plunged right in and were able to settle the case just in time for her upcoming marriage ceremony.

She thanked the whole extraordinary team of Hill & Moin, LL for being her rock and through these hard times.

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