Home-attendant trips and falls on a defective sidewalk on Brighton Beach and praises Hill & Moin for Obtaining $350,000 for her hand injuries.

February 12th, 2020

N.M was walking down Brighton Beach Avenue on her way from a pharmacy from which she picked up medication for her patient when, she tripped and fell due to a defective sidewalk. N.M fractured her wrist. Due to her injury, N.M, had a hard time cooking, dressing, and even brushing her teeth.

While trying to recover from her injuries, N.M feels lucky to have been referred to Hill & Moin, LLP. Through hard work and dedication, the highly skilled attorneys at Hill & Moin pursued a lawsuit for N.M and as a result, N.M received a settlement of $350, 000. N.M. believes she received perfect service from Hill & Moin and says that the attorneys are “great”, she found the bilingual staff to be very polite and helpful whenever she called. N.M would highly recommend Hill & Moin to anyone who needs skilled, caring, and efficient legal representation.

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