Construction Worker Injures Shoulder When Ladder Collapses and Collects $500,000

February 11th, 2020

New York Construction Injury Lawyers

Mr. Papaleo, a laborer who was working on a large renovation project, was injured at the job site when the front two legs of the A-frame ladder he was using collapsed with him on it. Though it was a large project, when Mr. Papaleo arrived at the jobsite there were a limited number of ladders available to him. He took the last one and set it up to start working. Suddenly, the defective ladder collapsed from underneath him. Mr. Papaleo sustained injuries to his left shoulder as a result of the fall.

As he continued to lose time from work, Mr. Papaleo knew that he needed fierce representation, and fast. He decided to do a web search for an attorney and came across Hill & Moin’s website. Immediately, he brought his case to them to ensure that his rights as a worker were protected and that he would be satisfactorily compensated for his injuries. Hill and Moin made sure that Mr. Papaleo was properly represented on the Worker’s Compensation and litigated the third-party lawsuit with an “all hands on deck” approach. With their years of litigation experience, the attorneys at Hill & Moin were able to obtain a settlement of half a million dollars for Mr. Papaleo. “Hill & Moin are phenomenal.”, he says. “They defended me, so they are like my family. They were very informative and kept me involved in every step. They worked hard for me.”

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