Dental Assistant Slips and Falls into a Successful $100,000 Settlement

June 12th, 2019

New York Slip and Fall LawyersJanet L., a 49-year-old dental assistant, was walking back from the store in heavy NY rain. Suddenly, she described a sensation of ‘floating’ has her feet lifted out from underneath her. Janet L., her umbrella, and deli sandwich in a bag, all crashed onto the hard-concrete sidewalk. Janet L. had tripped and fallen on a subpar sidewalk patch resulting in her fracturing her left patella.

Janet L. had numerous doctor visits, medications, physical therapy, but none of these were helping with the pain and daily struggles. She was unable to work due to the accident. Her close friend told her to call Hill and Moin, since they had helped him when he fell into a hole in the sidewalk. He told her that Melisande Hill Esq. and Cheryl Eisberg Moin, Esq. have almost 80 years of combined experience in litigation. Janel L. called Hill and Moin.

Thanks to the meticulous and dedicated work from the attorneys at Hill and Moin, Janet L.’s case was settled with an amount that will help pay back the surgery and medical costs, but also ease the burden of future pain and suffering.

Janet L. thought the attorneys at Hill and Moin were excellent, thorough, and caring. Janet L. would recommend Hill and Moin to anyone without a doubt. With the settlement funds, Janet L. is planning on buying her first property.

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