$350,000 Settlement Recovered for Senior Improperly Secured In Ambulette

January 3rd, 2019

New York Personal Injury AttorneysWhile on his way to one of his regular doctor appointments, A.L. a Russian-speaking Ukrainian with a disability, was placed inside an ambulette without having his wheelchair properly belted in by the attendant. While traveling on the Verrazano Bridge, the ambulette driver attempted to avoid a collision and suddenly slammed on the brakes, causing A.L. to fly out of his seat and land against the passenger seat. At impact, A.L. fractured his leg in three places.

Due to this injury, A.L. was incapacitated and he began feeling hopeless due to his condition. Formerly he was able to care for himself, but since his accident, A.L. had to rely on others for many every-day tasks. He decided to retain counsel and was elated to meet with Hill & Moin through a colleague. “Everything about the way Hill & Moin litigates was perfect.” A.L. was particularly impressed with the way the staff at Hill & Moin prepared him for his deposition. A.L.’s settlement will permit him to purchase a comfortable apartment.

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