43 Year Old Construction Worker Injured on the Job Receives Substantial Settlement

February 11th, 2015

NY Personal Injury AttorneysG. Goginashvili, a construction worker, was severely injured when his leg got caught in a stone grinder. Mr. Goginashvili sustained a deep laceration which required surgery and skin grafting. Other attorneys hesitated on taking on the case due to complexities. However, the law firm of Hill & Moin immediately engaged in aggressive litigation from the time Mr. Goginashvili came into the office. After advancing through rigorous pre-trial stages and negotiation, Hill & Moin obtained a substantial settlement on Mr. Goginashvili’s behalf.

While Mr. Goginashvili still experiences pain due to the accident, he stated that he feels better knowing Hill & Moin obtained justice on his behalf. Regarding the service he received, Mr. Goginashvili stated that he was extremely satisfied with the swift action Hill & Moin took in achieving a settlement. “Due to the hard work performed by Hill & Moin, the litigation process went faster than I expected it to,” said Mr. Goginashvili. Additionally, Mr. Goginashvili stated that he always felt that he was kept informed of the status of his case during the entire litigation process. “Whenever I called the office, someone picked up the phone and explained the latest progress regarding my case.”

Mr. Goginashvili plans on using the settlement amount he received for further treatments so that he can continue to live his life as he did prior to the accident. When asked if he would recommend others to retain Hill & Moin for legal representation, Mr. Goginashvili said “I would highly recommend anyone who is injured to contact Hill & Moin to get the job done.” While the healing process may take time, Hill & Moin is humbled to have aided Mr. Goginashvili in his return to normal life.

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