86 Year Old Tripped and Fell At The Bank And Obtains $524,000 Settlement

July 10th, 2014

New York Trip and Fall Accident LawyersKathleen B. tripped and fell at her local bank, causing dual wrist fractures. Luckily for Kathleen B. she was referred to Hill & Moin by a trusted attorney who praised the litigation skills of the firm. She was unsure about pursuing a case but when it was all said and done she stated “I felt empowered by the professionalism and comforted by the personal touch of the office. The experience was great, dynamite, and exceeded my expectations”

Kathleen B. was very eager to point out and give thanks to what she likes to call “the heart and soul of the Hill & Moin, its caring and passionate staff for taking care of my needs top to bottom”. She went on to say “my family and I really appreciate all the work Hill and Moin did for us in this difficult time”.

Kathleen B. was ecstatic stating “It’s a beautiful feeling to finish with the process and hard times, feeling like we came out on top”. Now that she has her generous settlement she plans to gracefully move past this accident and enjoy the rest of her life with loved ones.

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