A Six-Figure Settlement for the Victim of a NYPD Hit-and-Run

April 28th, 2011

T.B., a 47-year-old Astoria woman, was struck one afternoon by a black SUV as she was crossing the street. A man got out of the car looking angry, made a call on his cell phone, and T.B. was able to write down his license plate number before he sped away…

She later found out that the driver was a New York City Police Department detective driving an unmarked police vehicle. The hit-and-run caused a back injury and a torn meniscus in her left knee, requiring a surgery. T.B. came to Hill & Moin LLP because she was dissatisfied with her previous attorney, who was inexperienced.

The attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP brought their experience to bear and obtained a six-figure settlement for T.B. She said she appreciated the firm’s “hard work and professionalism” and would always remember the firm fondly, especially since “the staff have always been courteous and polite.”

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