Belorussian Immigrant Receives $200,000 After Falling in a Laundry Room

February 7th, 2018

A.S is a Belorussian immigrant who came to the U.S. in 1980 to seek his American dream. He recently married his longtime girlfriend, Irina and they started building their home together. But the happy story was almost destroyed. On one of his days off, A.S was helping his wife with the laundry. On the way to the apartment’s laundry, there was an unsteady temporary ramp which started shaking when A.S proceeded.  The front wheel of the laundry cart fell off and the cart flipped over, causing A.S to fall on top of the cart. Doctors at the hospital told that him that he had a hip fracture and needed surgery. Understanding that he would need very experienced attorneys to pursue his claim for compensation, he called Hill & Moin, LLP.

A.S was greeted by the Russian-speaking staff of Hill & Moin, LLP. A.S remembers his first meeting with his counsel feeling an immediate trust in their abilities. When A.S learned that his attorneys were able to negotiate a $200,000 settlement for his injuries, he exclaimed, “Thank you for helping me and my family, your office will always be remembered!”

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