Bronx Resident Awarded Life Changing Settlement for Trip & Fall

October 15th, 2013

M_Rivas_c2M.R., a 50-year-old Bronx resident who had recently moved to New York from the Dominican Republic, was on his way home from work in the early hours of the morning when he tripped and fell over a raised cellar door on the sidewalk. As a result of the hard fall, he suffered a fracture of his right wrist and underwent surgery.

Months later, M.R. found himself still recovering and out of work. Fortunately, a friend recommended Hill & Moin, LLP. He recalls feeling nervous because he had never met with attorneys before, but after meeting with the partners and staff, he felt right at home in the office. He left the office after signing up his case feeling “at peace” and “confident” he had found the right firm.

M.R. says he was never disappointed. He always felt he could express himself and ask any questions. M.R. is “grateful” for Hill & Moin, and says the firm was good to him from day one.

He is thrilled with the way the attorneys negotiated his settlement! On the day he picked up his settlement check, he exclaimed “This is a big day for me!” The case “changed my life and my daughter’s life!” M.R. says this lawsuit was “a life changing experience – the best thing I have done in my life!”

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