Brooklyn Resident Awarded Substantial Settlement After Slip & Fall Outside Apartment

April 15th, 2012

M, a 59-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was on her way to attend church on a Sunday morning when she slipped and fell on a pile of snow and ice at the bottom of the staircase outside her apartment. She landed directly on her right shoulder suffering a full thickness tear of her tendon.

Feeling M had been wronged and that the staircase should have been cleared properly, her niece referred her to Hill & Moin, LLP. M immediately made an appointment with the partners and is thrilled she did! Throughout the duration of the investigation and lawsuit, M felt “well informed and well prepared.” She was able to rely on both the attorneys and staff as they were “very communicative, supportive” and guided her “every step of the way.” When it came time for M to testify at her deposition, she felt very comfortable due to the extensive preparation provided by her attorneys.

M is ecstatic about her settlement, as it provides a sense of comfort and stability for both herself and her family. Her great experience with the firm has led her to already refer friends and family to Hill & Moin!

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