C.S.’s Story

January 29th, 2010

A poorly maintained sidewalk caused her to fall, and Hill & Moin LLP helped her recover.

C.S., a retired schoolteacher from Brooklyn, NY, 62, fell a few years ago on her way to a hair salon. She tripped over a deep crack in the sidewalk and broke her left wrist. She learned quickly that she couldn’t trust just anyone to protect her rights. She went into the salon and told the owner what happened, and he said gruffly, “What do you want me to do?” The attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP had a different response.

They told her they would work to protect her rights. C.S. was in constant pain and underwent surgery on her wrist. She later learned that her shoulder would need surgery too. Her injury prevented her from tutoring and working for the state education department, as she had been doing to support herself and her sick husband.

The owners of the building in charge of maintaining the sidewalk tried to weasel out of responsibility for C.S.’s injury. They said the crack wasn’t that big. They said C.S. fell somewhere else. They asked C.S. questions about her physical impairments – a previous eye injury and fallen arches in her foot – hoping that they could prove that the fall was C.S.’s fault. The attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP gave C.S. confidence that she could stand up to the other side’s questioning. They won a settlement of $200,000.

When C.S. went to Hill & Moin LLP’s office to pick up her settlement check, she praised the attorneys’ work. She said both partners at the firm worked hard for her: “They really go for it.” C.S. also praised the attorneys and staff for being so pleasant and responsive to her. She’s already told a friend who was injured to consult with Hill & Moin LLP.

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