Cuban Native Received Substantial Settlement Following Trip and Fall Accident

February 9th, 2017

While accompanying a friend to a doctor’s appointment, Carman tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk in the Bronx. After suffering tears to the meniscus of her knee, plaintiff underwent surgery.Carmen D_c_a

Carmen was ecstatic after Hill and Moin reached an outstanding settlement on her negligence lawsuit. She praised the legal work of Hill and Moin stating that “the whole staff was great and extremely enjoyable to work with.” She went on to say that “the attorneys were excellent throughout my whole lawsuit and were always helpful in answering all of my questions.”

With her settlement check in hand, Carman expressed a desire to use a small part of the monetary proceeds towards a vacation. “I’m thinking I may travel to Europe” Carmen stated, with a big smile on her face. She was beyond thankful and said that she would “happily recommend Hill & Moin to anyone injured in a trip and fall accident.”

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