E.A.’s Story

January 29th, 2010

A disastrous fall forced E.A. to stop working,
but Hill & Moin LLP helped her get back on her feet.

E.A., a middle-aged Filipino-American woman, fell in early 2008. The attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP determined that her fall was caused by a defective sidewalk in West Harlem.

The fall left E.A. unable to work, with no income, and forced to stay with her cousin in Queens because she needed help to move around. The attorneys and staff at Hill & Moin LLP arranged help for her to get to and from their offices and other appointments related to her case.

There were documents that could have been detrimental to E.A.’s case, but the attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP mediated her case to a $200,000 settlement.

E.A. later said, “I never expected that I would be getting that amount of money.” E.A. was not only pleased with the amount of compensation her attorneys obtained for her but also how quickly they obtained it, considering many cases take several years to resolve she said.

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