Hard working Mom Finally Finds the Right Legal Team to Fight for Her Rights

May 21st, 2011

Gladys R., a 53 year old working mother in the Bronx, fractured her left ankle when she slipped and fell down the stairs of her apartment building

Gladys knew that she had been wronged, so she retained a lawyer to get the compensation she needed. However, that lawyer didn’t communicate with her and didn’t keep her well-informed about her case, which seemed to drag on and on. After all that she had been through, she wanted a lawyer who respected her and would work with her on getting a good result.

She tried to get another attorney, but other lawyers said that it was too late for them to help her. Then she learned about Hill & Moin. After coming to our office and meeting with Cheryl Moin, Gladys immediately retained Hill & Moin.

Hill & Moin mediated a settlement that was far better than what Gladys thought possible. Gladys says that before coming to Hill & Moin, she was afraid that her case “wasn’t going to go anywhere,” but now she is “very happy” with the compensation she has received. Moreover, she says that our lawyers communicated with her “all the way,” and that “there wasn’t anything they knew that I didn’t know.”

View her video testimonial.

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