Hill & Moin LLP Obtain Favorable Settlement for a Ukrainian Trip and Fall Victim

August 24th, 2015

NY Slip and Fall LawyersIf you are injured due to a broken sidewalk it is important to contact attorneys who are experts in fighting for your compensation.  Hill & Moin LLP has handled thousands of trip and fall accidents in the New York City metropolitan area. In fact, we recently obtained a substantial settlement for a young father of two who tripped and fell due to a defective sidewalk in Manhattan. 

Mr. E was on his way to work when he tripped and fell over an old broken sidewalk. Mr. E sustained a meniscal tear that required surgery and months of physical therapy. Understanding the importance of retaining a top personal injury attorney, Mr. E contacted Hill & Mon LLP. We immediately went to work, fighting with the defendants on a daily basis until a favorable settlement was reached. Of our services, Mr. E stated “The lawyers at Hill & Moin were great when it came to getting me the settlement I deserved.” While Mr. E will never forget the traumatic experience he endured due to the accident, he felt better knowing the attorneys at Hill & Moin were readily available to fight for him. After receiving his settlement check Mr. E said “Thank you for helping me during this trying time. If any of my friends are ever in need of a personal injury attorney in New York, I will be sure to send them to Hill & Moin.” We look forward to helping anyone who is in need of our services.

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