Jogger Receives Settlement After Being Struck By Vehicle

January 27th, 2020

S.E. laced up her shoes, put her jogging gear on and went for her normal daily jog in Brooklyn. She was jogging down the street and saw that the light was in her favor to cross. Upon crossing on the crosswalk, S.E. was struck by a vehicle and knocked unconscious as a result. Due to this accident, S.E. suffered a fractured right arm and right hip as well as lacerations to her left ear. She would no longer be able to do her daily jogs and exercise as she had once loved.

S.E. was recommended to contact Hill & Moin by a friend who was a former client of the firm and was highly satisfied with their work. Upon hearing about this case, Hill & Moin rushed into action and immediately went to meet her to begin working on her case. S.E. was impressed and fascinated with the high quality and attentive work done by Hill & Moin. Thanks to their diligent work and relentless pursuit towards the best possible outcome, S.E’s case settled for more than expected.

S.E. was thrilled upon hearing that her case had ended with a satisfying result. She stated that Hill & Moin had the best personal injury attorneys in New York City. She praised the office for the outstanding communication skills of the staff. She stated that Hill & Moin answered all her questions and concerns and kept her updated on the status at all times. S.E. would highly recommend and advise anyone who is in need of high caliber legal representation to contact Hill & Moin and join the family.

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