Broken Sidewalk Slip and Fall

December 7th, 2010

She fell on a broken sidewalk, and Hill & Moin LLP got compensation from her building owners.

M.P. from Elmhurst, NY, 57, fell when she tripped on a broken sidewalk outside of her apartment building while walking with her son.  The fall resulted in a fracture in her left ankle, which required a cast and medical treatment.

Soon after, M.P. found the law firm of Hill & Moin LLP. The attorneys represented her in a lawsuit against the owners of her building for not properly maintaining the sidewalk. Hill & Moin LLP obtained a favorable settlement for M.P., despite the owners’ claim that a statute exempted them from responsibility for the sidewalk. M.P. was very happy with the firm’s representation and would recommend it to anyone she knows: “They did a good job and helped a lot. I’m very grateful for what they’ve done.”

Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accident

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