Attorney gets Hit by a Car and Runs Away with a $500,000 Settlement

July 30th, 2019

New York Pedestrian Accident AttorneysE.K. is a self-employed matrimonial attorney and mother of two. E.K. was crossing the street to get a magazine. When the light changed, she stepped into the cross walk. Suddenly, she saw a green cab approaching her. She froze, expecting the car to stop since she had the right of way. However, E.K. heard no horn, no brakes, and saw no brake lights. The middle of the driver’s front bumper slammed into E.K.’s knee, throwing her straight back onto the concrete. She described the sensation as being mowed down by a truck. She said it was so frightening. The impact threw E.K. straight back towards the street where her head hit the pavement. E.K. tried to stand up but couldn’t move until EMS arrived. E.K. was hurt and needed some serious help.

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E.K. had surgery on her knee and performed physical therapy after her operation. Despite the numerous doctor visits and treatments, she was still struggling every day. Her friend, and a past client, told her to call Hill & Moin. Her friend had received a settlement and witnessed the almost 80 years of combined experience in litigation Melisande Hill Esq. and Cheryl Eisberg Moin Esq. possess.

E.K. still feels pain and stiffness in her left knee. Since her accident, E.K. has been unable to do the things she loves, such as taking long walks, playing golf, hiking, or working out. With the hard work and dedication from Hill & Moin, E.K. received $500,000 to pay back medical costs, but also ease the burden of future pain and suffering.

As an attorney herself, and understanding the complexities of litigation, E.K. gave Hill & Moin five stars, saying all the attorneys were very focused, intelligent, great strategists, and outstanding in all respects. She is thankful to Hill & Moin for their wisdom and focus in winning her case. E.K. isn’t sure what she is going to do with her settlement yet, but she is comforted to know the future looks brighter for her and her family.

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