Six Figure Settlement Awarded for Sidewalk Trip & Fall

September 12th, 2013

New York Slip and Fall Accident Site

New York Slip and Fall Accident Site

M.M., a 54-year-old life-long Bronx resident, was walking to work when her foot got caught in a hole in the sidewalk causing her to fall. She fractured her right ankle and required surgery. Having worked her entire life, she was extremely frustrated when her injury kept her from returning to her job as a secretary. Fortunately, she was aware of Hill & Moin, LLP’s stellar reputation and called the firm right away.

From the moment she presented her case to the firm, she felt support from the attorneys and staff. They believed in her and felt she deserved a top settlement for her injuries. They never hesitated to answer all her questions, and kept her constantly and thoroughly informed throughout the lawsuit. M.M. very much appreciated that she was “always kept in the loop” as she calls it. Hill & Moin was “always on point and always responsive” she says.

M.M.’s fondness for Hill & Moin is clear in that she has already recommended it to her friends and family who found themselves in similar situations. She is extremely happy with the settlement the attorneys fought to get her. She says it not only covered her medical bills but also the pain and suffering she has gone through since the accident.

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