Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice Plaintiff Settles Lawsuit for $170,000

April 1st, 2014

New York Slip and Fall Accident LawyersE.N., a pharmacy owner here in NY, slipped and fell on snow and ice while walking in the area near his home and broke his knee. After undergoing extensive knee surgery, he consulted with Hill & Moin LLP.

E.N. knew the hospital bills were going to start piling up in with his case that he expected the litigation would take about 4 to 5 years to get settled. He was “very happy and grateful” that Hill & Moin moved his case “a lot quicker than he expected” while at the same time being “very professional, making him feel comfortable, and answering all his questions and doubts”.

E.N. emphasized how hard it was dealing with his injuries as a business owner and how happy he was that Hill & Moin took care of his case, allowing him to focus on everything else in his life. He later stated that he will “absolutely recommend Hill & Moin to other people” and that he is “very happy with his settlement”. Now that E.N. has received his six figure settlement, he and his family can finally move forward and focus on a better future.

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