Tajikistan Immigrant Awarded Substantial Settlement in Labor Law Case

May 24th, 2012

Mike Kodirov immigrated to New York in 2004 with hopes of starting a new life in the United States. He was able to find work in demolition; unfortunately, this led to a serious injury to his right foot. While at work, the unbraced wall he was demolishing came tumbling down, fracturing his big toe on his right foot.

Before finding Hill & Moin, Mike initiated this case with a prior attorney. When this attorney continued to advise Mike to agree to what he felt was a low settlement offer, he turned to Hill & Moin LLP. He is so grateful he did.
He immediately appreciated the straightforward approach Hill & Moin took on his case, fully disclosing all details of his lawsuit and working hard to obtain him a better offer. At depositions, he felt comfortable and prepared. Because Hill & Moin took the work and worry of his lawsuit away from him, he could continue on with his life. Mike is happy with his settlement and feels that he finally got a fair amount for the injuries he suffered.
He “highly recommends” Hill & Moin, LLP to anyone who has suffered an injury. In fact, he cannot express enough how positive his Hill & Moin experience was! See his video blog in his 3 languages: Farsi, Russian and English!

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