Top Settlement for Fall in Martial Arts Class

February 21st, 2013

New York Martial Arts Accident A 49-year-old attorney, skilled in martial arts, was participating in a sparring match when he was caused to fall into a stationary bike that was placed too close to the sparring area. He suffered serious injury, rupturing his retina and cornea, and, ultimately, losing eyesight in his right eye.

Aware of Hill & Moin’s strong reputation, he chose the firm to represent him to recover for his injuries. He found Hill & Moin, LLP to be “a solid personal injury firm” calling the knowledge the partners, associates and staff provided to be “amazing.” He says everyone with the firm, from the partners to the investigative staff, was professional and supportive throughout his litigation.

He refers to his time with Hill & Moin as a “high-level experience,” and felt he could trust the partners to get him the reward he deserved when settlement negotiations began. When asked about his feelings on the settlement that was reached, he exclaims:  “it was far better than what I expected!” He has already recommended clients to Hill & Moin and will, without a doubt, continue to do so.

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