Ukrainian Electrician Changed Attorneys and Receives $500, 000 Settlement After Being Struck By A Car

July 18th, 2017

New York Personal Injury AttorneysOn the day after a snowstorm, a 56 year old electrician from Ukraine drove to the scene of an accident involving his daughter. After V.B parked, he was struck suddenly by a car and knocked unconscious. V.B suffered a brain bleed. V. B hired an attorney, but then without his consent his file was transferred to another attorney. The new attorney was unresponsive to calls and emails from V.B and his daughter. V.B thought that the attorney had abandoned his case and he sought new council. Thankfully, he was introduced to Hill & Moin, LLP.

The attorneys and staff at Hill and Moin, LLP made him feel right from the first day of interaction. They were able to get his case back on the right track. In fact, the settlement result actually made V.B jump for joy when he first heard the final number. V.B was glad that he made the decision to fire his attorneys. He is thankful for the very welcoming staff and attorneys at Hill & Moin, LLP.


“I got into a very bad car accident. Even though the accident was horrific, two previous attorneys that I asked for help did not want to take over the case. They said that this is not a “win” case and no money will be recovered at the end. Sometime later my wife accidentally found Hill & Moin’s number in the newspaper. We immediately called to the office and scheduled an appointment. At the first meeting with attorneys, I was notified that the case might “expire” in 2 weeks. After I retained Hill & Moin,LLP I felt like the case came back alive. It took another 4 years to settle the case, because previous attorneys simply wasted my time. Finally, I received a big settlement. I am thanking attorneys from Hill & Moin,LLP. I did not even expect this!”

V. Borodkin

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