Ukrainian Immigrant Receives $200K Settlement After Snow and Ice Fall

May 26th, 2012

New York Slip and Fall InjuryM, a Ukranian immigrant working as a housekeeper, was going about her usual workday when she slipped and fell on snow and ice that had not been cleared properly. M suffered a fracture of her left ankle and was unable to continue working.

Fortunately, she was referred to Hill & Moin LLP. At a time when she felt “lost and depressed,” the staff and attorneys of Hill & Moin LLP “gave her hope.” Not only did they work to obtain the best settlement possible, they lifted her spirits and provided her the support she needed to get through a tough time. She “felt better once [she] began working with Hill & Moin” and appreciates everything the firm did for her case, “1000 percent!”

Anytime M had a question, the firm had answers. The Russian speaking staff and attorneys of Hill & Moin LLP were extremely responsive and “helped to keep [her] strong” throughout the course of her lawsuit. She is relieved that her case has been resolved and is ecstatic about the settlement. She would readily recommend Hill & Moin LLP “to anyone who is involved in an accident!”

Ny Slip and Fall Injury

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