Uzbekistan Woman Awarded Top Settlement in Pedestrian Knockdown

February 7th, 2013

New York Pedestrian Accident LawyersIrina P. was walking her usual route to work as a home health aide when she was struck by a vehicle as it was backing out of a driveway. The driver simply failed to look behind him. As a result, Irina P. was knocked down, tearing a ligament in her knee and suffering serious back injury.

Injured and frustrated about being unable to work, she was referred to Hill & Moin, LLP. She was “very happy she was sent to [Hill & Moin]!” The staff and attorneys were “very nice”, “always professional” and made her feel comfortable. Hill & Moin made bringing the lawsuit easy so she could focus on her medical treatment. Because her first language is Russian, she was thrilled to be able to rely on Hill & Moin’s Russian speaking staff to help prepare her for her deposition and answer any questions regarding her case.

Only one year after she came to Hill & Moin, she is so “happy to have this settlement” and was “very surprised” at the amount. She gives a “BIG THANKS” to everyone at Hill & Moin, and will, without a doubt, refer Hill & Moin to anyone in a similar situation.

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