W.M.’s Story

March 29th, 2010

Hill & Moin LLP helped this senior woman recover after a traumatic car accident.

W.M., who had been a Catholic parish secretary for 25 years before retiring, was injured in a car accident on her way to Sunday mass in Queens, NY, with her husband. Her husband made a complete stop at a stop sign about a block away from the church, looked both ways, and pulled out into an intersection when a young man in a sports car plowed into the passenger side where W.M. was sitting. W.M., age 71 at the time, broke her neck in two places. She decided to have Hill & Moin LLP evaluate her rights.

The attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP explained to W.M. that her injury was serious enough to allow her to recover beyond the funds no-fault insurance provided for medical treatment.  The attorneys also determined that the driver who hit W.M. was speeding, had glaucoma, and was wearing glasses with an old prescription.

The accident left W.M. in a hard, full-body cast for nearly a year. For several months she slept on a recliner in her living room because she couldn’t lie in her bed. W.M.’s discomfort was exacerbated by having to forgo her arthritis pain medication, which would have interfered with her bones healing. Her husband had to take over housekeeping because W.M. could not move around and lift things as she did before.

Hill & Moin LLP carried W.M’s case through to jury selection at which point a settlement in excess of six figures was negotiated. W.M. recently came to the firm’s office. She said she would either leave smiling or frowning, depending on how the case was resolved.

She left smiling.

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