“Worker Falls into Collapsed Floor, Lands on $975,000 Settlement”

July 18th, 2019

D.J. is a loving father who works as a manager in urban property. While performing his daily tasks, and walking through the facility, he suddenly felt the floor collapse from under his legs. D.J. was falling through the floor. However, he was able to stop himself from falling all the way through by catching the unbroken floor. J.D. was only able to be rescued once he called for a co-worker to pull him back onto solid ground. J.D. was taken from the scene by ambulance to a local hospital.

D.J. injured his left shoulder, left knee, and lower back. J.D. needed, and received, surgeries for both his left shoulder and left knee. He received nerve block and epidural back injections. Before this accident, D.J. loved to prepare meals for his family, do laundry, help his kids with homework, and pick up his kids from their various activities. After his accident, J.D. was getting two hours of sleep, had difficulty walking upstairs, inability lifting heavy objects, and could no longer play with his children or help around the house like before his injury. D.J. needed some serious help.

D.J.’s friend recommended he call Hill and Moin to help him recover for his personal injury. With nearly 80 years of experience, Hill and Moin proved how their hard work, dedication, and knowledge leads to success for their clients. Melisande Hill Esq. and Cheryl Eisberg Moin Esq. fought for D.J. and successfully earned him compensation he deserved. D.J. was compensated $975,000 for his past and future pain and suffering.

D.J. described Hill and Moin as “very excellent, efficient, and were always helpful”. D.J. rated Hill and Moin 5/5 and described himself as feeling extremely satisfied. Now, D.J. plans on using his settlement to pay past and future bills and send his children to college.

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