Young Dominican Thankful for Top Settlement After Slip and Fall on Ice

October 2nd, 2013

New York Slip and Fall Victim withy his AttorneysLuis Garcia, a 35-year-old immigrant from Dominican Republic, was walking his usual route to work on a cold February day when he slipped and fell on improperly cleared snow and ice in front of a two-story home. He fell to the ground and immediately felt extreme pain in his left foot. After being taken to the hospital by an ambulance, he learned that he had fractured his left ankle.

With his leg casted and being unable to work, Mr. Garcia was spending all his time confined to his home. Fortunately, this allowed him to view a Hill & Moin, LLP television commercial. He had called a few other attorneys about his matter, but says after speaking with the staff and attorneys at Hill & Moin, LLP and learning of the care and attention they give to each client, he quickly signed his case with the firm.

What he appreciated most about the firm is that “each time [he[ called, [he] was well informed about [his] case.” Mr. Garcia felt extremely prepared by the attorneys for his deposition, and noted he was even able to anticipate the types of questions as a result of the preparation. He says he “didn’t feel nervous” as a result of all the time they spent with him before he had to give testimony.

He is “thankful” he won his case “and for the settlement!” Mr. Garcia says coming to Hill & Moin was “the best experience” and he will undoubtedly, “100%” recommend the firm to other people who need an attorney!

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