Car Rear End Accident Turns Around into Settlement for Spanish Speaker

July 5th, 2019

New York Auto Accident AttorneysF.M. is a 47-year-old father who experienced the terror of getting hit by another vehicle with his children and wife in the car. F.M. was driving home when the cur lurched forward twice. They had been rear ended at no fault of their own. After F.M. and the other driver exchanged information, it became apparent that the other driver was inebriated. The police were called but the other driver fled the scene. Eventually, the driver was caught, but F.M. was in a lot of pain. F.M. was taken to the hospital for injuries to his neck, back, and right shoulder.

F.M. had surgery on his arm, which partially helped, but F.M. continued to experience numerous problems after the operation. F.M. was unable to sleep well, felt pinching pain in his right side, and pain whenever his arm was cold or wet. F.M. couldn’t exercise, couldn’t sweep, couldn’t help carry groceries, and couldn’t play with his children. F.M.’s Workers Compensation Attorney realized that F.M. would be substantially helped by the experience and wisdom of Hill and Moin to help him recover for his personal injury.

While initially hesitant, F.M. made the call to Hill and Moin. F.M. speaks limited English but was welcomed by the numerous multi-lingual staff members of Hill and Moin. They took the time to make sure he understood exactly what was happening throughout his case. Through the hard work and dedication from Melisande Hill Esq. and Cheryl Eisberg Moin., F.M. was amply compensated for his past and future pain and suffering.

F.M. was able to return to work as a Lyft driver, and also invest in businesses for the first time. F.M. was “Muy Satisfactorio” when asked about his experience at Hill and Moin. He says calling Hill and Moin, and relying on their almost 80 years of experience, was the best decision he made.

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