$245,000.00. Settlement for Ladder Collapsing

January 24th, 2020

Sometime in October of 2015, D.B. was moving sheet rock on an A-frame ladder for his employer, Ace Industrial, when it collapsed. D.B. had to pull himself out from under the A-frame ladder, and get a coworker to call his foreman to report the incident. After being examined at the hospital the doctor’s determined that he had suffered torn ligaments, as well as a torn meniscus. D.B. endured surgery and many months of physical therapy.

When D.B. arrived at Hill & Moin, LLP to pick up his settlement check he was happy and grateful. He expressed how he would recommend any of his friends or family to Hill & Moin, mostly because of the outstanding customer service, he thought that the handling of the medical appointments and reminder calls were extremely helpful. He said that the timing of the settlement came when he needed it the most. D.B. mentioned, that if were ever to needed an attorney, again, for any reason, even something outside of personal injury he would absolutely call Hill & Moin. D.B. was extremely satisfied with Hill & Moin services and will be taking a nice long vacation with his settlement money.

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