25-year-old Gardener from Honduras Collects $350,000 Settlement After Being Hurt at Work Thanks to Hill & Moin

January 23rd, 2019

New York Accident AttorneysA 25-year-old landscaper from Central America fell to the ground while trimming trees fracturing his wrist and foot. Due to his injuries, Danis was no longer able to work or play his favorite sports.
Luckily, Danis found his way to the offices of Hill & Moin through the referral of a colleague who believed Hill & Moin were the perfect fit for Danis’s case. Attorneys Melisande Hill and Cheryl Eisberg Moin successfully litigated the case and settled the matter for $350,000. This sum was for pain and suffering, in addition to Worker’s Compensation claims.

Danis states that everything about his experience with the offices of Hill & Moin was outstanding. Danis appreciated the way he was treated by the staff and attorneys. Furthermore, the presence of a Spanish-speaking staff gave him additional understanding of the legal process. Danis is grateful to Hill & Moin for instilling full confidence in the pursuit of his civil remedy.


Translation of video:

Hello, I had an accident and someone referred me to this office – someone recommended me to this office, and for me it was the best. They are good. Good people, good attorneys. They have treated me well, every person that works here. Thank you very much. That’s all I can say is: thank you for everything. And always – any time something like this happens I will always recommend this office because they are very good and that is something I am very thankful for, from the bottom of my heart.

I’m very thankful to everyone that works here. Everyone I have interacted with here have been very good to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for everything. I will always be here, whatever happens I know that I can count on them. If anything ever happens to my friends or family I will refer them to this attorney’s office.

Thank you very much.


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