Hill & Moin Obtains $349,000 Settlement for Painter Who Suffered Wrist Injuries

October 12th, 2018

New York Slip and Fall LawyersMs. Lois Skolnick is a painter and artist who was out for lunch in Manhattan when she suffered an accident that would drastically change her daily life. During a rainy day, Ms. Skolnick slipped on a metal portion of a sidewalk she was walking on and landed on her wrist resulting in several bone fractures and torn ligaments.

Ms. Skolnick endured pain and discomfort from surgical hardware. In addition, the injury caused depression and anxiety to Ms. Skolnick upon realizing that the injury would impede her ability to paint, cook and garden.

Thanks to her friend’s recommendation, Ms. Skolnick found Hill & Moin and contacted their office to help her litigate her case. Ms. Skolnick had an excellent experience with Hill & Moin. She expressed appreciation for the way in which Hill & Moin always looked out for her best interest. Ms. Skolnick acknowledged that her case was “not an easy one” and further stated that she was impressed with her attorney’s perseverance in litigating her complex case.

Hill & Moin’s litigation efforts resulted in Ms. Skolnick settling her case for $349,000, an amount that will permit her to have the best medical treatment in future years.

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