Queens Pedestrian Struck on Main Street Recovers $145,000 in Less Than One Year

January 10th, 2016

New York Pedestrian Accident LawyersAnthony L., a 30 year old Queens, NY resident was crossing Main Street, when he was struck by a vehicle, landing on and cracking the windshield. Anthony suffered a leg fracture. With the help of his family, Anthony L. was able to get in touch with the staff of Hill & Moin, who immediately sent an attorney to the hospital and made sure that Anthony’s legal questions were answered. After working swiftly and meticulously, Anthony was thrilled to accept a settlement in his lawsuit for $145,000 in under one year.

Anthony stated that the staff at Hill & Moin was “marvelous and great!” He went on to commend Hill & Moin on their “fast service and friendly and professional employees.” Anthony now plans to invest some money, and take care of his family.

The lawyers at Hill & Moin are tough litigators who work quickly to make sure their clients receive maximum compensation as soon as possible. Insurance companies in automobile accidents try to delay paying out for the injuries that their insured drivers cause. Their lawyers will claim that pedestrians are jay walkers who were not crossing with the light or did not suffer serious injuries. With over 35 years of experience in fighting for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, Hill & Moin are proud of the excellent monetary results they have achieved.

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