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Ukrainian Home Attendant receives $295,000 after suffering in a Trip & Fall Accident

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

New York Trip and Fall AttorneysA 75 year old retired French teacher turned home attendant, tripped and fell over a raised sidewalk flagstone in Brooklyn. After seeing an orthopedist she heard of, she was scheduled for left elbow surgery.


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Erika’s Story

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Compassion in a Painful Time.

Erika Mendelsohn knows this first hand. More than 20 years ago, she broke a kneecap in a fall caused by a pair of misleveled cellar doors on a sidewalk. It was a debilitating injury that bothers her to this day in bad weather. Seeking an attorney, she took the recommendation of a customer in her husband’s Forest Hills butcher shop and met with Cheryl Moin. In Cheryl she found an attorney who was “very smart, very capable,” and, most importantly, who put her at her ease. She never considered another lawyer.

Warmth + Professionalism = Reassurance

Getting caught up in the legal system for the first time is a scary experience. You’re a target for intimidation. But Cheryl was a standout for Erika, explaining every step of the process and telling her exactly what to expect. Cheryl worked tirelessly for Erika and obtained a settlement that brought her the compensation she deserved without an expensive, nerve-wracking trial; but the “very reassuring” support Erika got from Cheryl and the rest of the team was just as important.


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